About Wyless

10 reasons to choose Wyless:

1. Because you can count on us.

Right this second, we are providing live service to hundreds of ASPs, OEMs and large enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies. Services which in turn are being used by hundreds of thousands of end-users around the globe. Our company is strong and profitable and we’re enjoying exceptional year-on-year growth.

Our products and services have won numerous industry awards, recognizing our ongoing commitment to innovation and quality. Wyless has been a rock solid partner to its customers for more than eight years. You can count on us long into the future.

2. Because you can depend on our services.

Our platform is mature, stable and utterly reliable. With guaranteed “five nines” of uptime (99.999%), and SLAs to back that up, it’s easy to see why ours is the platform of choice for mission-critical applications.

We are committed to supporting 2G services with long-term agreements in place with our 2G carriers, yet we have embraced 3G and 4G infrastructure.

Redundancy is built into everything we do. Our global network operates from four data centers in three countries, and could happily withstand a simultaneous total failure at multiple sites. Which, incidentally, has never happened.

3. Because we’re here when you need us.

Sometimes things go wrong. That’s why our dedicated customer support teams are on hand to answer your call 24/7/365, with emergency technicians on call at all times too. If ever things should go wrong, we’ll have you back up and running as fast as possible.

4. Because of our unrivaled experience.

In our eight years, we’ve helped hundreds of customers deploy a bewildering array of M2M solutions. Our technical teams have been on hand throughout, providing support, expertise and sometimes even some much-needed encouragement. Whatever unique challenges your application may present, you can be sure that our teams have the knowledge, experience and commitment to rise to the test.

5. Because we make it simple.

You might be worried that your needs are very complicated, but trust us, we’ve seen it all, and we’re ready to take away your pain. By partnering with Wyless, you’re actually gaining access to dozens of mobile networks in almost every country in the world, so there’s no need to worry about how to bridge connections into multiple network operators - with us, it’s seamless.

We offer a truly end-to-end service, with a range of flexible options that we'll tailor to suit your needs. This helps you lower costs, reduce risks and speed up your time to market. And with Wyless, you only have one relationship to worry about - one bill, one network, one management platform, and one point of contact for support. That’s one big advantage , as we like to say around here…

6. Because we’re flexible and open-minded.

Whatever you want to do with your M2M solution - and however you want to go about it - we’ll help you do it. We’ve embraced openness with our platform architecture. Already doing business with a particular MNO who you want to connect with? No problem, we can make it happen. Already got your own management software and just want to use us as your network provider? That’s fine too - hook into our powerful APIs and we’ll set you up with your own CDR feeds. We know it's not one-size-fits-all. At Wyless, it's M2M, your way.

7. Because you’ve got room to grow.

Our platform is ready to grow with you. Our network and management software are scalable to an almost unlimited number of connected devices. We have the capacity within our infrastructure to meet your needs now and into the future, and we’re ready to handle even the most unexpected and rapid periods of growth.

8. Because we’re fiercely competitive.

Thanks to our strong relationships with network operators around the world, we can always offer the most competitive pricing possible. But we aren't skimping on the rest of the deal. Our products and services keep winning awards for innovation, quality and features. And everything is backed up by 24/7/365 Tier 1 through Tier 3 support.

9. Because we’ve got your back.

We take security seriously. At every level, from the most fundamental physical aspects of our data centers to the highest-level elements of our network, software and service layers, we have implemented the most stringent security policies and robust encryption, to ensure that your services are as thoroughly protected as possible.

10. Because we are utterly committed.

We invest heavily into every aspect of our business. We’re working non-stop to bring new features and enhancements to our management software. We’re expanding our network infrastructure with new hardware, data centers and interconnectivity.

We continue to connect our platform to more and more MNOs, and we’re developing new ecosystem partnerships to bring innovative new services to our customers. And we talk to our customers, seek feedback on our service and conduct regular performance reviews to scrutinize every aspect of our business.

We’re never going to sit back and relax - we’ll continuously strive to stay the best at what we do.


Wyless is the leading provider of global M2M managed services and enterprise connectivity solutions. Founded in 2003, Wyless is a profitable, privately-held company headquarted in Boston, MA, with offices in the UK and Switzerland.


Wyless offers a smarter approach to the challenges of M2M. We understand that every application has its own unique requirements and that customers need access to a wide range of highly-specialized services backed up by dedicated support.

We built our company on the realization that for the vast majority of customers, these needs cannot be met by the traditional mobile network operators (MNOs). No single large operator is capable of providing sufficiently flexible services or the high levels of technical expertise and support required to successfully deploy and manage innovative M2M applications.

That’s why, over eight years ago, we pioneered the development of a multi-carrier global wireless data network, advanced management software and a comprehensive suite of M2M services, underpinned by dedicated customer support teams and technical experts. Our seamless end-to-end solutions now power the most advanced, scalable and reliable M2M applications.

Our commitment to excellence

We are committed to providing the best M2M experience in the industry. Our determination in this regard has led Wyless to become the trusted M2M partner of Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. We listen carefully to our customers and take pride in making sure the solutions we deliver are ideally suited to their needs.

Customers and typical applications

Our customers include application service providers (ASPs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and large enterprises. Common applications that are currently powered by Wyless services include telematics and fleet management solutions, ATMs, ePOS terminals and other financial services, robotics, vending equipment, remote healthcare solutions and smart grids. Enterprise connectivity solutions include controlled-purpose mobile computing and wireless broadband connectivity.

Wyless - your M2M partner

Wyless offers truly uncompromising M2M solutions. We deliver global wireless connectivity via the most secure and resilient network infrastructure. Our industry-leading management software, Porthos™, provides complete control over your services and connected devices. We empower our customers with a comprehensive suite of professional services, our unbeatable technical expertise and dedicated customer support. And thanks to our strong relationships with network operators around the world, we can always offer the most competitive pricing possible. We’ll help you deploy your M2M applications and services faster, cheaper and more effectively.

You have found your M2M partner. Together we can take your applications to the next level.

Wyless. It’s good to be well connected.