Global Managed Network

A network for tomorrow

Wyless pioneered the development of a multi-carrier global wireless data network over eight years ago. Now, thanks to continual investment, our network infrastructure has grown into one of the most mature, stable and reliable platforms on the planet, delivering wireless connectivity to hundreds of thousands of devices around the globe.

Truly global coverage from multiple carriers

Wyless works in partnership with 10 major international carriers and growing, including T-Mobile, Sprint, Telefonica, O2 and Everything Everywhere. Primary coverage, delivered via the most reliable 2G, 3G and 4G networks, is available in the US, Canada, UK, and Sweden, with global coverage being delivered via roaming agreements in nearly every country.

By connecting with Wyless, you’re actually gaining access to hundreds of mobile networks worldwide, so there’s no need to worry about how to bridge connections into multiple network operators. Your applications are able to utilize connectivity from multiple operators seamlessly.

Core infrastructure

Our infrastructure currently comprises four network operation centers (NOCs) in three countries. We have partnered with Interoute, the world’s largest private fiber network, to deliver an ultra-secure, ultra-reliable global backbone with multiple redundant interconnects between our data centers.

We operate dedicated connections directly into each of our mobile network operators. Wireless connectivity is handled via our own APN gateways and RADIUS servers. We invest heavily into our network infrastructure, continuously striving to deliver the fastest, most secure and most reliable connectivity available.


We take security seriously. At every level, from the most fundamental physical security of our data centers to the highest-level aspects of our network, software and service layers, we have implemented the most stringent security policies and robust encryption, to ensure that your services are as thoroughly protected as possible.


Our network is scalable to an almost unlimited number of connected devices. We have the capacity within our infrastructure to meet your needs now and into the future, and we’re ready to handle even the most unexpected growth spurts.

Total reliability - 99.999% guaranteed uptime

Redundancy is built into everything we do. Our global network operates from four data centers in three countries, and could happily withstand a simultaneous total failure at multiple sites. Which, incidentally, has never happened.

Right this moment, we are providing live services to hundreds of customers, including Fortune 500 companies. Services which are, in turn, being used by tens of thousands of end-users around the globe. Our platform is mature, stable and utterly reliable. With guaranteed “five nines” of uptime (99.999%), it’s easy to see why it’s the platform of choice for mission-critical applications.

Commitment to support 2G

We are committed to supporting 2G services with long-term agreements in place with our 2G carriers, so you can rest assured that your solutions will still be supported long into the future. Nevertheless, we have embraced 3G and 4G infrastructure and fully support the latest wireless technologies on our network, which are already powering the next generation of M2M applications.

Advanced networking features

Thanks to our patented private fixed IP addressing technology, your wireless devices can communicate via their own secure virtual private networks (VPNs), eliminating the challenges of implementing and managing a complex network configuration from scratch. Instead, you are free to focus on your application, leaving the connectivity to the experts.

Total flexibility - "bring your own MNO"

Even though our global network already offers so much freedom and choice, we understand that sometimes our customers have very specific requirements. Fortunately, flexibility is the cornerstone of our services. If you have a particular mobile network operator in mind that we don't already work with, we can connect to their network and manage the whole process for you.

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