Porthos™ M2M Management Software

Key Features

  • Web-based application for convenient access from any location
  • No additional software required
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Real-time data at all times
  • Powerful reporting and event-driven alerts
  • Flexible provisioning features
  • Integrated billing management
  • Integrated customer support system
  • White labeling features for resellers and ASPs
  • Robust API for complete integration within your application
  • Supported by our friendly, professional experts
  • A complete, integrated solution for managing your entire global wireless M2M solution

Introducing Porthos™ 2.0

Porthos™ is a powerful management platform that provides complete control over your M2M solutions. Its comprehensive feature set includes reporting, device and network management, provisioning, billing, real-time usage alerts and white labeling.

Porthos takes the delivery and management of M2M services to a new level. By empowering customers, partners and resellers with the most powerful and flexible tools available, Porthos enables you to deliver compelling M2M applications and services faster, cheaper and easier than ever before.

Freedom & flexibility

Porthos is a web-based application, allowing clients to manage their services from any location, at any time.

Network management

Porthos includes network management features that provide granular control over network configurations, VPNs and device settings including IP addresses and optional credentials. Connection profiles include custom fields that can be used to identify and group devices for provisioning or billing purposes, further simplifying budgeting and data management.


Provisioning can often be complex, expensive and time-consuming. Porthos simplifies the process by providing tools to activate and deactivate devices as required, eliminating recurring charges for inactive devices and giving customers much greater flexibility when scheduling deployments. Devices can now be shipped with “out of the box” connectivity.


Porthos is equipped with powerful reporting features. Reports can be completely customized with any level of detail, from a global audit of connections right down to individual session information for packet analysis. Usage reports can be generated by connection, IP address, account or device. This extraordinary flexibility enables improved forecasting, helping our partners provide better services to their customers.

Monitoring & Alerts

In addition to its reporting tools, Porthos offers event-based alert and monitoring features that can be configured to provide advance warning when you are approaching data usage limits, or to spot rogue device activity or abuse.


Porthos includes a flexible billing system that provides greater transparency and control for you and your customers. Detailed billing information is always available, including usage and cost data for individual connections, and can be viewed and exported easily.

To accommodate the testing of new solutions and services, billing can be configured to start after a certain period of time or when a data usage threshold has been reached. Of course, these billing features can also be integrated into your application via the Wyless API.

White labeling

Porthos can be completely white labeled, allowing resellers and ASPs to offer its powerful features directly to their customers as a value-added service. Porthos also includes comprehensive user and role administration features for managing multiple user accounts.

Dedicated Integrated Support

Wyless provides world-class technical support and customer care. Porthos includes an integrated support system that helps simplify and speed up the identification, analysis and resolution of any service issues, thus reducing downtime and helping ASPs deliver improved levels of customer service.

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